Academic Articles

Working papers (under review or revision):

  • Nagatsu, M. and Põder, K. ‘Economists’ concept of choice: an experimental study’ (under revision)


  • Nagatsu, M., Larsen, K., Karabegovic, M.,Székely, M., Mønster, D. and Michael, J. ‘Making good cider out of bad apples: Signaling expectations boosts cooperation among would-be free riders’ Judgment and Decision Making.
  • MacLeod, M. and Nagatsu, M. ‘What does interdisciplinarity look like in practice: Mapping interdisciplinarity and its limits in the environmental sciences’ Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A
  • Malecka, M. and Nagatsu, M.How behavioural research has informed consumer law: The many faces of behavioural research‘ in K. Purnhagen, A. Sibony and H. Micklitz (eds.) Research handbook on methods in consumer law, Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Nagatsu, M. ‘Experimental philosophy of economics’ in D. Wilkenfeld and R. Samuels (eds.) Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Science (Bloomsbury)
  • Nagatsu, M. and Ruzenne, A. (eds.) Frontiers of social science: philosophical reflections (Bloomsbury)


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Book reviews

  1. Nagatsu, M. (2015) ‘Review of Ross’s (2014) Philosophy of Economics‘, Journal of Economic Methodology 22:1, 123-128.
  2. Nagatsu, M. (2011) ‘Review of Philosophy of the Social Sciences: Philosophical Theory and Scientifc Practice, edited by C. Mantzavinos. Cambridge University Press, 2009‘, Economics and Philosophy 27(1): 75–83.

Other writings

2014 “Reflections on KIIK “Swing” (draft in English), reflections on the artwork KIIK by Kaisa Eiche and Urmo Mets, exhibited at Tartu Art Museum, Estonia.

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