I have been working on several projects, which can be grouped in the following way:

  1. Methodology of behavioral and experimental economics
    • Methodological critique of New Development Economics (with Judith Favereau)
    • External validity of economics experiments
    • History and methodology of field experiments (with Judith Favereau)
  2. Theoretical and empirical study of voluntary cooperation in social dilemmas
    • Social motivations and collective emotions (with Marion Godman and Mikko Salmela)
    • Normative-empirical evaluation of nudge policies
    • Cooperation among like-minded people (with John Michael and Karen Larsen)
  3. Empirical approaches to philosophy of interdisciplinary sciences
    • Survey-experimental approach to the economic concepts of choice and preferences (with Kaire Põder)
    • Ethnographic approach to interdisciplinary collaborations between economists and ecologists (with Miles MacLeod; with Miles MacLeod and Olli Tahvonen)
    • A study of behavioral econometrics as a case of gainful model-coupling between economics and psychology
  4. Philosophy of social science “in practice” book project (edited volume) with Attilia Ruzzene

(Image: the study of Austerlitz in Bloomsbery, London)